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Napa Valley - A Magically Romantic Place

                                               for Your Special Day!

Napa Valley Wedding Services

Planning a Napa Valley wedding? The last thing you have time to do is worry about finding and keeping track of lodging for each and every one of your guests. Leave the details to Napa Valley Reservations and rest assured your guests will receive personalized, friendly service from our reservations team. And we’ll keep you up-to-date on who’s staying where any time you’d like.

Wedding Table
Image by Orlova Maria

Free Wedding Profile Services

• A special profile created for your Napa Valley wedding

• Access to your guest list at any time, listing all the details of when and where your guests are staying

• No contracts or blocks of rooms to worry about

• Allows your guests to easily find a room


• Lodging options tailored to fit each guest's preferences and budget

• Personalized and friendly service

• One-stop shopping for Napa Valley:  

      - book hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts

      - tours

      - hot air balloons excursions

      - wine train

      - all with one call!

Free for you and your guests!

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